Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps are now Bada Bean Bada Boom!

Our high-protein bean snacks have a new name and look to match their bold flavor and crunch. You can find Bada Bean Bada Boom in the same delicious flavors as always in stores, or you can order directly from our shiny new website:


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Why the rebrand?

Since the Enlightened brand name is most associated with ice cream, we're shining a spotlight on these plant-based powerhouses by giving them their own brand. We're excited to introduce more people to the amazing flavor and nutrition of our bean snacks with a brand that captures how fun and delicious beans can be.

Is the product still the same?

Yes! The recipe for our bean snacks is still the one you know and love. Inside the bag, nothing has changed.

Where can I get Bada Bean Bada Boom?

You can order Bada Bean online directly from our website or from Amazon. You can also find Bada Bean in stores including Whole Foods, GNC, CVS, and more!

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